Strawberry Fields

We finally made it to the strawberry fields this past Saturday to “pick our own.”  I was hesitant to take both kids, one of them being only two, but since the hubby was coming along I knew we could handle it.   The morning got off to a slow start and we didn’t even leave the house until after 10 am – closer to 10:30. 

Once we got to our designated rows, the kids just went wild picking and filling their baskets.  Maren was a champion picker, searching out the biggest, reddest and juiciest berries for her basket.  Sam just wanted to pick anything and everything in sight.  He was so excited and exclaimed after each pick. 

We were able to fill two big baskets and a quart basket in no time.  We took our coveted fruit home, washed it and ate handfuls right there at the sink.  We froze an entire big basket for smoothies and such, made three delicious pies and saved the rest to eat straight up. 


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