September is Organic Month

If you haven’t made the switch to organic – September is the month to do it.  Below are some simple and easy ways from the Organic Trade Association to make buying organic affordable.

Buy in bulk.
Many products are sold at a discounted rate when they are purchased in bulk.

Shop in season.
Many products are less expensive when they are purchased in season.

Investigate private label products.
More often thought of as “store brand”or “generic brand”products, private label products are a great place to start when you are looking to incorporate more organic into your life.

Cash in on coupons.
Coupons are a great way to save on many of your favorite organic products. Many manufacturers make printable coupons available on their websites. Explore farm stands and farmers markets.
Farm stands and farmers markets are cropping up all over the country, offering competitive prices on a wide range of organic products.

Check out customer loyalty programs.
More and more retailers offer rewards programs for customer loyalty. These programs often allow you to earn points based on the purchases you make, which can then be used toward product discounts, free products, or other types of prizes.

Become a member of a CSA.
Community supported agriculture, or CSA, is emerging as a convenient and cost-effective way to buy organic products. A single CSA share can provide you with affordable access to a wide range of organic products ; split a share with a friend to make your investment even more budget-friendly!

Cook at home.
Eating out is a great treat, but doing it all the time can add up. Cooking at home  can help to keep your budget in check and encourage you to explore the range of possibilities that exist using organic ingredients.

Join a buying club.
Historically, buying clubs didn’t offer much in the way of organic products from which to choose. Thankfully, times are changing, and buying clubs around the U.S. are expanding their organic offerings, enable you to apply club discounts to many of your favorite organic products.

Choose organic versions of the products you use most.
To get the most benefit for your organic buck, try buying organic versions of the products you use most. Whether that is milk, produce, or personal care products, buying organic will not only help reduce your exposure to harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but also support a system of agricultural management that is great for the planet.


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