ADHD linked to Pesticides

A new study, while not definitive. links pesticide use to higher instances of ADHD.  While more research is necessary, researches believe additional tests will show an even stronger link between pesticide byproducts and ADHD.  The entire article can be found here:

One of the points made in the study is that kids should not stop eating fruits and vegetables, but those fruits and veggies need to be organic and/or local. 

“Organic fruits and vegetables contain much less pesticides, so I would certainly advise getting those for children,” she says. “National surveys have also shown that fruits and vegetables from farmers’ markets contain less pesticides even if they’re not organic. If you can buy local and from farmers’ markets, that’s a good way to go.” – Maryse Bouchard, Ph.D., a researcher in the department of environmental and occupational health at the University of Montreal.

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