Who We Are

A community of like-minded women interested in bettering our health, and the health of our families and loved ones.  We strive to nourish our families’ mind, body and spirit in a non-harmful, sustainable manner.


Our mission at Green Living Girls is to help people navigate the sometimes overwhelming information that is available with respect to living a healthy, green, organic and sustainable lifestyle.

Our focus at Green Living Girls is provide you a resource to a healthy lifestyle through:

  • personalized health coaching
  • group health and wellness classes
  • product information and reviews
  • highlighting local resources
  • sharing tips and ideas
  • directories and links

As we research and discover new ways to bring natural and green ideas into our own lives, we’ll share our journey with you.

Lori Sobin is a certified health and wellness coach (through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute – a top rated certification as rated by Exercise Science Guide) with Green Living Girls and Enjoy A Better Way.



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